We as humans must change our mindsets and behaviours to take better care of each other and the planet we live on. The answer to the challenges humanity and the planet are facing is not to protect the status quo. Nor is it not to yearn for an imagined golden age and try to turn back the clock. The answer is development. To move forward, to grow and evolve as humans, and create the capabilities we need to do better together. Unicorn Titans exist to actively contribute to this development.

Enough with words - we believe it’s much easier to explain why we are here with a short video.



Have you ever felt superpowered? It’s the feeling that anything is possible, stars seem to align and you are on a roll.

You know what? That experience can actually be designed. When you use a digital service or solution that has been designed in such a way that it boosts your abilities, you feel superpowered.

That's our purpose: Superpowering People!



We help organizations innovate their business by designing experiences that superpower both customers and employees. 



Empathy is the basis for value creation. It is also key to fulfilling our vision - giving people superpowers. Empathy starts with caring, and at Unicorn Titans, we care.


Humans are explorers by nature. We wouldn’t have come far without curiosity. When we embrace our curiosity, the very essence of being human, magic happens. 


Humans are better together. It’s when we get together to create things that magic happens. Collaboration and co-creation are our natural elements.


How we do things might seem crazy at first, but we strongly believe it is the best way to create value. We have the perseverance to overcome obstacles and challenges that lie between us and what we believe is right.