The importance of having a point of view about the future cannot be understated, especially these days. In times of uncertainty and rapid change, we all need a vision to cling on to - one where we can see a future for both ourselves and our company. The contents of the roadmap will change for sure, so a vision brings stability and continuity in a world in constant flux.

A vision provides direction and road map into the future. It describes the type of organisations that you want to become. A textual vision statement will simply not do the job. A vision needs to be clear, concrete, and engaging.

A vision concept is all that, and more. It's grounded in and an extension of your organisation’s past. It's an invitation to greatness. By visualizing future experiences for relevant stakeholders, such as customers, partners and coworkers, it creates a clear, concrete, engaging and vivid mental image of what the organisation will be like in the future. 

We always co-create vision concepts together with relevant stakeholders. After the startup meeting we run an envisioning workshop where we envision the future together. We then make that desired future concrete in a conceptualization workshop. After that, we continue the co-creation process together online, visualizing relevant experiences with scenarios and realistic mockups.