The building blocks of digital innovation

We have designed digital solutions for many different industries and domains. We saw the same patterns appear in one context after another. So we asked ourselves: Couldn’t we speed things up if we made these patterns explicit? Couldn’t that make it easier to take part in a co-creation process? Couldn’t it empower anyone to do what otherwise only experienced designers do? We came to the same answer to all these questions: Yes, Yes and Yes! So we went about to collect and define these patterns. Now, we have made these patterns available to you. Say hello to MagicForces!

The four MagicForces

There are four basic categories of MagicForces: Values, Fears, Behaviors, and Technologies. Each category is available as a card deck. That makes them especially well suited for co-creation sessions, for example when people get together to map, evaluate and improve an existing customer or employee experience.



The purpose of a business is help individuals and/or organizations achieve value. The thing is, what we strive for and what we perceive as valuable change. With MagicForces it becomes easy to identify and understand which values are relevant for an individual or organization in a specific situation.



In our modern society, fear is often misinforming us, making us react in the wrong way. Like making us avoid a certain situation. MagicForces makes it easy for you to identify and understand the fears people might have in a specific situation, so you can design their environment in such a way that it doesn’t trigger fears that misinform them.



Our best digital experiences influence and shape our behaviors, and set new and higher expectations on all other similar experiences. MagicForces help you identify and understand what behavior to apply to create intuitive and superpowering experiences.



MagicForces maps the territory of emerging technologies. These patterns help you identify which technologies that can support and shape our behaviours, and thereby create new value and better experiences.


How to use MagicForces

How to use MagicForces is pretty straightforward:

  1. Choose a persona and a journey

  2. Choose a specific situation in the journey to start defining and designing

  3. Identify what values a persona might be looking for in that situation

  4. Identify fears he or she might have in the situation

  5. Find behaviors that can help the persona achieve the desired value and/or can neutralize or minimize the fears

  6. Identify technologies that enable the wanted behaviors

It's as simple as that! Repeat step 2-6 until you have covered the entire journey.

MagicForces help you think about many different aspects of an experience, so don't forget to write down any details or ideas that you get during the process.