For innovation to happen you need to bring people with different experiences, skills and perspectives together. That’s why co-creation is the foundation of how we work. As digital transformation evangelists we realized that, in order to be true to our word, we needed to redefine what co-creation is. We call it: Immersive Innovation.


We have focused our efforts on designing the journey from pain-state to realization to be as smooth and engaging as possible. From zero to insight in record time. Pens and papers are used when needed, but with collaborative spaces in the cloud, we never stop creating together.


After initial stakeholders meet and greet – we usually prototype realtime and test on the fly in workshops.


We have created an amazing library of patterns that we use when designing businesses and experiences. Meet MagicForces - The building blocks of digital innovation.

Design thinking?

The closest methodology to ”the unicorn way” is design thinking. Empathy is strong in both. If we ever find our selves in the woods, sun panels broken, out of power, Design thinking is what we would resort to.