TAE Technologies


TAE Technologies Shared Price: $54.72

The Minimum Investment Size: $2500 USD



TAE Technologies, often pronounced as “T-A-E,” was established in 1998 with the objective of developing environmentally-friendly commercial fusion power. Their groundbreaking efforts represent the swiftest, most feasible, and economically competitive approach to provide ample clean energy to the power grid. With a substantial portfolio, including over 1,800 patents filed worldwide, 1,100 granted patents, $1.35 billion in raised capital, five generations of National Laboratory-scale devices already constructed, two more in the development pipeline, and a seasoned workforce of over 500 employees, TAE is poised to introduce this transformative energy source that has the potential to sustain the planet for millennia.

TAE’s pioneering technologies have also yielded a robust lineup of commercial innovations in various related markets, spanning power management, energy storage, electric mobility, fast charging, life sciences, and more. Headquartered in California, TAE maintains international offices in the UK, EU, and Switzerland. By drawing upon a diverse range of expertise and driven by their mission, TAE is harnessing proprietary science and engineering to shape a brighter future.



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