Ledger Shared Price: $12.50

The Minimum Investment Size: $2500 USD



Established in Paris in 2014, LEDGER is a global hub for digital assets and Web3 technologies. LEDGER has solidified its position as the worldwide leader in safeguarding critical digital assets while offering valuable utility. With a user base spanning 200 countries and support for over 10 languages, LEDGER has distributed more than 5 million devices to consumers. It boasts a diverse clientele of over 100 financial institutions and brands, securing approximately 20% of the world’s crypto assets. Additionally, LEDGER provides services that facilitate trading, purchasing, spending, earning, and dealing with NFTs.

Among LEDGER’s product lineup are the Nano S Plus and Nano X hardware wallets, the LEDGER Live companion app, [ LEDGER ] Marketâ„¢ (the world’s inaugural secure-minting and first-sale distribution platform), and Ledger Enterprise. With its user-friendly interface, LEDGER empowers users to venture into digital asset investments and strive for financial independence within a secure and stress-free environment.



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