We have been searching near and far after a creative, flexible and fit-for-purpose physical space with excellent digital capabilities where we can meet, explore new opportunities, and co-create value together with our clients and others. But we couldn’t find anything out there that was even near to meet our standards. So, we chose to do something about it, and when the opportunity presented itself to use we created Brightbox.


So, what was it that we were looking for? Well, to begin with a centrally located space in the Greater Copenhagen area suited for workshops. It should be able to house a rather large number of participants - up to 12 people - yet at the same time offer several rooms for different activities and group sessions.

There were a few options that meet these criteria, but when we added our additional requirements the options quickly zero out. Most venues are way too expensive, especially compared to what you get. You don’t what equipment is there and if it will works (often it doesn’t). The venue is not flexible enough or fit for purpose. And, you can’t check in early or check in late to allow time for preparations and documentation onsite.


Affordable & great value for money


Early check-in and late check-out

Brightbox is all this and more. And it’s in constant evolution, adapting to our new and emerging ways of working. To us it’s not just a physical space. We use it as our lab, trying out new technologies and ways of working, designing seamless physical-digital experiences. There’s more than one reason why we use Brightbox to run our 5-Day Design Sprints and recommend all our clients to come and experience it first-hand.


Sometimes it’s easier to understand what something is by looking at what it isn’t. Here are a few things you won’t see in our Brightbox.


A large board meeting table

If you’re expecting a 20th century style board meeting where participants sit inactive while listening to the chairman, you’re looking at the wrong place. This is a creative space where everyone is treated as equals, and everyone is encouraged, by design, to be active.


Walls filled with decorations

We believe in using the full bandwidth of the room to communicate. You won’t see any wall decorations that serve no purpose. The jungle wallpaper in The Forest has a clear purpose, and so do the mirrors in The Infinity Room. But you probably have to experience them firsthand to understand.


Lack of power outlets

Wake up. It’s 2019. People bring their digital devices (yes, in plural) wherever they go. They shouldn’t need to fight over a few available power outlets, or like the cynical ones (or well-prepared if you like) - bring their own. Here you will have all the power you need to power your devices.